Latest Updates

  • 2010-8-15
    Congratulation Again!
    BALLSUM™ mold counter has patented in Mainland China

  • 2010-6-12
    BALLSUM™ mold counter has patented in Taiwan

  • 2010-2-24
    Online Service Available!!
    Skype and Windows Live Messenger Service Online.

    Driect To Online Service

  • 2010-1-05
    New Item!!
    Mold Counter is onsale.

    Mold Counter DM
    >All made in Taiwan
    >For precisely knowing the times of stamping
    7 digits (0000000-9999999)
    >Non resettable design
    >Pure mechanical design
    >Working perfectly on heating molds
    >Using stainless steel for inner metal part, working available under water
    >Counter x1、Screws x2、manual x1(MRSP-7)
    >Patent pending

  • 2010-8-10
    For Typhoon Morakot Disease!!
    We donated 1/10 income of July to Worldvision

    We will be a more helpful enterprise to this world in the future.

    about Typhoon Morakot

  • 2009-5-20
    Neoprene Mouse Pad is given as present

    Since 5/20 ,if you ask a quote or give an order to us.
    We will deliver you a mousepad (Values $2.5USD)
    for free.

    (This offer is valid while stock last.)